Friday, 26 October 2012

Not seeing double - Spider Spider - KL, Malaysia

I think it's quite rare to find two spiders of different species on the same spider web. We found these two in our garden a few days ago (the spider web is the home of the bigger spider since a day later, only the big one remained). 

The larger spider had a yellow and black striped body, as well as legs. It looks pretty cool. Sometimes, some parts of its body would turn red when it flexes. The smaller spider is a black one with hairy legs. 

So dear reader, tell me have you ever seen two spiders on a web together?

Can you see a small insect in the mouth of the larger spider? Yup, he was having his dinner!

My daughter was very curious! She also wanted to see the two spiders;)


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, but must be careful not to get too close.

  2. Your photographs show 2 Argiope aemula spiders.
    The large one is the female and the tiny one is her husband.
    They can live together on the same web as long as the female still loves him.


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