Friday, 4 May 2012

A very cool looking spider web - KL, Malaysia

Found this really cool looking spider web the other day in our garden... the thick white thread around the centre of the web looked like a pair of spectacles... does anyone have any idea what it is?


  1. great moment! I love this one very much!!! n_n In Islam it looks like word of "Allah" in arabic! <3

  2. The spider may not be on it's web but the distinctive patterns on it's web still tells me that the owner is a Neogea nocticolor.

    You have a lot of amazing photographs of spiders and other animals in your blog.
    I would like to invite you to join and share your pictures there. There would be lots of people there to admire your photographs and identify the animals that you have photographed.

  3. I think this was made by a Neogea nocticolor, a silver spotted sun spider. The spider doesn't seem to have a species-specific stabilamentum, but designs whatever it is in the mood for. Google it.


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